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Show NVG2010 in a larger map. Here is also explanations to the symbols.

You can zoom inn at the map above. By looking at the NVG2010 larger map you will se O-Camp (Fosshaugane Campus) and the event arena. The blue drop is the bus station.



Do you need bustransport? Please let us know!

We will have bustransport between Sogndal and event area each racingday at Fjord-O 2010. To ensure sufficient capacity, we need to know how many of you that need/want transport.

The bus starts from Fosshaugane Campus, driving to the bus station in Sogndal and to the event area. Especially day 1 and 2 the bus will take you much closer to the arena than you can with your own car.

Wednesday 14th July the bus leaves at 14.30 o’clock.
Thursday 15th July the bus leaves at 8:30 o’clock.
Saturday 17th July bus leaves at 9:00 o’clock.
Sunday 18th June the bus leaves at 09.00 o’clock.

The bus costs 30 NOK each way, every day. Ticket is to be paid on the bus.

Day 1 and 2 there is some way to go from the parking lot to the arena. If you have special needs for transportation from parking to the event area there will be opportunity for that. For example, if you need to bring a childs pram.


Sogndal is a hub for the west country with roads from all sides. In particular, it might be nice to include some of the unique tourist roads. Over Sognefjellet or "snow mountain" between Aurland and Lærdal. Moreover, we have the world's longest tunnel, Lærdalstunnelen.



Sognefjellet located in a majestic landscape with jagged peaks and emerald green water. Sognefjellsvegen swings up from the world's longest fjord, Sognefjord, and over the mountains toward Gudbrandsdalen.

Sognefjellsvegen received in 1997 status as the first tourist road in Norway, and was completed upgraded as a national tourist in 2003.



Foto: Kenny Louie

Fylkesvei 243 in Sogn og Fjordane (Fv243) runs between Aurland in Aurland and Lærdalsøyri in Lærdal in Sogn og Fjordane. The road is 48.6 kilometers long and is called Aurlandsvegen and "snow road". It is a national tourist road. Ond road opened in 1967.


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Lærdalstunnelen is a road tunnel on 24 509 m running between Aurland and Lærdal in Sogn og Fjordane. It is part of European route 16 (Norway) between Oslo and Bergen, and is the world's longest road tunnel.

The tunnel is designed with three separate and lighted halls.


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Vikafjellet is on the RV 13 between Voss and Vik. A great road with great views and a relatively steep ascent and descent.


Bus from Oslo, Bergen and Ålesund is a great opportunity. Nor-Way express bus and Fjord1 account for this.



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Express boat from Bergen is an experience in itself. You sit comfortably down in the boat in Bergen and is transported along the Sognefjord to Sogndal. You can walk around on the boat, buy an ice cream or a beer at the kiosk, or just enjoy the view.



It is Wideroe that rules the flights to Sogndal Airport Haukåsen. With a flying time of less than an hour on the direct routes from Oslo or Bergen, this is a quick alternative.


Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen 2010 info@nordvestgaloppen.no