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         Great hiking for all

On Kaupanger, were the two first races goes, there’s many trips for hiking. The trips varies in length and heights.  Some of the shortest is suitable for all family to be walking. The longest hikes is best for adults or older kids. All hikes have in common that there’s a fantastic scenery all the way. Map over the trips can you find here: http://kaupanger.no/index.php?show=image&mediaID=151&b=y&navB=74


 ‘Stiff Nipple Triple’

For the competitors (and supporters of) Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen, ICETROLL would like to offer a special day of activity in fantastic glacier scenery.  Become members of our exclusive 'Stiff Nipple Triple' club (Kayak, Glacier Walk and White-Water Rafting all in one day).  We start kayaking, to a glacier that is calving into the lake, then walk on the glacier after lunch.  A quick motor-boat trip back over the lake and we then take rafts down the glacier river in the afternoon.  All this for 1.300kr each, or if you are not so energetic, 10% discount on any of our trips. Take a look atwww.icetroll.com or call us on +47 97014370, email info@icetroll.com



It is a lot to experience in Sogn. We will try to guide you to some of these activities. On sognefjord.no there is many activities listed. Here is some of them:

·          Hiking the glacier in Jostedalen. Check  http://www.fimbuljostedal.no/

·          What about kayaking on the water near the glacier? Check http:\\www.icetroll.com

·          Rafting in Jostedalen. Check www.moreld.net

·          Try the historical railway in Flåm. Check http://www.flaamsbana.no

·        An easier activity? Try a learning visit on some of our museums. Check http://www.bre.museum.no or http://www.jostedal.com

Sogn is created for great adventures.


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