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Video from Fjord-O 2010
Rickard Lindkvist from Sweden sent us a fantastic video from Fjord-O 2010.


Maps (H21AL) with routes
Francois Gonon (overall nb 3) in H21AL has been given us his routes from all 4 days during Fjord-O 2010.

Day 1 Haukåsen, day 2 Haukåsen,

day 3 Hodlekve og day 4 Hodlekve.



Give us your opinion
We would like to have your opinion of the race. We want to learn as much as possible from our experiences during Fjord-O 2010. In that way next Fjord-O can be even better. Please send us an e-mail with feedback.



Fjord-O 2010 at its end
Now Fjord-O is over and vi thanks everybody that join in on our races. We were about 1050 different names on the list. We had some minor problems in some of the classes, but most of the people was happy and had a good time in Sogndal. We hope to see you back in Fjord-O sometime.



GPS tracking
In the right menu theres a link to GPS-tracking today (day 4) in the class H21AL.


Three out of four
We are now finished with three out of four race at Fjord-O 2010. Today we were at Hodlekve. The weather was good and almost everything went as it should. We apologize strongly to those participants who had to wait longer than expected at start in the class H40.


A great day at Haukåsen
Sun and good weather made the event special. It was very few runners who was disqualified, but some had to use long time to get through their course.

Norwegian television and radio was on the arena today and Fjord-O were on the nine o’clock news.

The major in Sogndal, Jarle Aarvoll, had the official opening of Fjord-O. Afterward he got a proper instruction through the “Småtroll” course by Håkon Aa Albretsen (left) and Vegard Aa Albretsen (right).



Changes at event arena
Now the time for entry in ordinary classes is out. Until now we have had late entry and changes given on e-mail. From now on you have to make the changes at the event arena. We mind you that all changes has a fee of 50 NOK.

13.07.10 kl 21.00

Fog today - Sun tomorrow
It was partly very dense fog in the terrain this morning. At its worst, I couldn’t see more than 30 metres. Now it is reported sun and good weather for Wednesday.




Startlists are ready
The startingorder is ready for all days. Read more.



Store Haugmelen 11.07.2010

Here is a program with a short overview over important times during Fjord-O 2010.


Startnumber /rental e-card
During Monday we will finish the startingorder. If all goes according to the plan we will have the lists on this site in the afternoon.

The startnumbers will be put out for self service. In the entrance of the arena it will be a stand with the startnumbers indexed on the clubname. Foreign athletes who have not paid in advance must pay to the race office before the start numbers are handed out.

Rental e-cards has to be picked up at race office.



Overview maps
Here is maps over Sogndal and the event arena:
Arena Haukåsen
Arena Hodlekve


Soverom - dublett leilighet

Equipment to accommodation
We will remind you to bring lining, pillow and quilt or sleeping bag and equipment to the kitchen if you have booked accommodation by Fjord-O. This is not included in the rooms.




Sport8 at event arena
Sport8 is known as specialist on equipment for training and competition for orienteering. They will be on event arena every raceday with good offers for you.


Emit e-cards
We use Emit e-card punching system in Norway. Please be sure that your e-card is for this system. We will have e-cards for rent, but during the race we will take a fee for all changes. It is better to do all changes now.





Miniatyrbilde for element

More than 800
Now we have more than 800 participants to Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen 2010! On 18 June the regular deadline for registration was out, but it is still possible to sign up.

On the picture to the left you can see some of the event arena and some of the view for day 1 and 2.


Still room for rent!

Our offer on accommodation has been a success. We have now more rooms and give you the possibility to order now. The first to order is first in the queue. Use this form..


Ken Peeters chasing the good feeling!

In the time towards Fjord-O 2010 starts we will present some of our participants. This time we proudly present Ken Peeters from Belgium:

Have you participated in the Nordvestgaloppen earlier?

I never participated Nordvestgaloppen before

What are your ambitions for the races?

I participate at this competition as a training for WOC. Try to orienteer good at a high pace. Hopefully I will manage to get a good feeling after this competition

What are you most look forward to during Nordvestgaloppen 2010?

Orienteering in this nice terrain. The maps looked really good and the terrain must be beautiful to run in.



Check out maps in the area

Now you can se three maps in the area. They are in pdf. See link under Training on top menu for more information.


Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen attracting the world’s best orienteers

- It is not many competitions in relevant terrain to use as preparations for the World Orienteering Championships (WOC 2010) in Trondheim, Thierry Gueorgiou says. Therefore, I will probably take part in Fjord-O in Sogndal in the middle of July. Short time after EOC in Bulgaria, I will make the decision and make a detailed plan for my preparation for WOC.

Read more




Sport 8 is coming

We are proud to inform that Sport 8 is coming to Fjord-O. They will have sale of sporting gear the four days at the event arena. Maybe you need new orienteeringshoes? Check the internetsite at www.sport8.no.



350 entries

We have now passed 350 entries for Fjord-O 2010. That’s a great start, but there is just to join in with the rest of us.


219 per 2 March
When the first deadline for entries went out, there were 219 different participants registered. More than 50% of them are from outside Norway. In particular, it is Russia, Finland and Sweden, which has the most entries until now. The participants have shown great interest in our offer on accommodation. We practice first come first served, so there is no reason to postpone the booking of rooms for a long time.





Initial participants
Damm family was first to sign up to the Nordvestgaloppen 2010. They are from TIF Viking. Sondre starts in H13-14, Martin in H17-18, May-Lill in D17C and Kjetil in H40.

"We have participated in the Northwest Motor Sports in 2006 and 2008. We look forward to meet o-friends, compete and run in the great nature. "




A new and updated invitation

Now, a new invitation in place with some updated information’s. There are only minor changes. For example was the class D35AK forgotten in the table. The invitation is attached as a pdf file under "Invitations" on the top menu.





Switzerland first on the list

The first registration from abroad came from Switzerland. The family of 5 will start at Nordvestgaloppen with Elias (H 13-16C), Aaron (H11-12N), Raphael (O-Troll) and Thomas (H45).

Have you participated in the Nordvestgaloppen earlier?
It will be the first time to be for orienteering in Norway. We have chosen Nordvestgaloppen because the date and the area in the heart of Norway.
I’ve been on O-Ringen in Sweden more than 25 years ago, but now I prefer smaller competitions in interesting terrain such like Nordvestgaloppen.”

What are your ambitions for the races?
My ambition is to have an interesting competition with difficult controls. I will try to be on good and sure way to the controls, speed is not important.
And for my children, I hope they have fun on their courses (not to difficult) an they will find the way back. It will be a great adventure to be out in a foreign forest with very few ways and a lot of brown lines.”

What are you most look forward to during Nordvestgaloppen 2010?
”I look forward to a good family holiday out in the nature in contact to fine people.”




Just before Christmas we had a naming contest in cooperation with OPN.no. We got a lot of suggestions. The jury thought that the proposal from Erling Strand, Fjord-O was the best. It is short for Fjord-Orienteering and it fits particularly well to an orienteering competition by the world's longest, and perhaps the world's most beautiful fjord.

Erling Strand can participate for free at this year's race.

Although we will use the name Fjord-O on this site, we will still use the name Nordvestgaloppen.


Extreme temperatures

Today Gunnar Gytri drove by Hodlekve in Sogndal where two of the races are sited. The thermometer in the car showed 30 degrees below zero. When he was on the same place last summer the temperature was 32 degrees above. That gives a difference of 62 degrees Celsius.


Article in CompassSport

CompassSport is one of Britain's most important magazine for orienteering athletes. In December, it was a great article about the Nordvestgaloppen. Follow the link below to read the entire article.





Entry is now opened

Entry form on Palisoft online entrysystem is now opened. Follow the link, ’online entry’ on the menu on the right or go to ’Entry’ on the top menu.



Norway's Fjords on Top

National Geographic have been rated the world's most celebrated and iconic travel destinations. Like the first Destination Rated survey in 2004, Norway's fjords region has again taken top honors. A total of 133 destinations were surveyed by a panel of 437 well-traveled experts in a variety of fields related to sustainable tourism. Judges noted the gorgeous scenery and well-preserved rural life that are vigorously protected.


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