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Video from Fjord-O 2010
Rickard Lindkvist from Sweden sent us a fantastic video from Fjord-O 2010.


Maps (H21AL) with routes
Francois Gonon (overall nb 3) in H21AL has been given us his routes from all 4 days during Fjord-O 2010.

Day 1 Haukåsen, day 2 Haukåsen,

day 3 Hodlekve og day 4 Hodlekve.



Give us your opinion
We would like to have your opinion of the race. We want to learn as much as possible from our experiences during Fjord-O 2010. In that way next Fjord-O can be even better. Please send us an e-mail with feedback.



Fjord-O 2010 at its end
Now Fjord-O is over and vi thanks everybody that join in on our races. We were about 1050 different names on the list. We had some minor problems in some of the classes, but most of the people was happy and had a good time in Sogndal. We hope to see you back in Fjord-O sometime.



GPS tracking
In the right menu theres a link to GPS-tracking today (day 4) in the class H21AL.


Three out of four
We are now finished with three out of four race at Fjord-O 2010. Today we were at Hodlekve. The weather was good and almost everything went as it should. We apologize strongly to those participants who had to wait longer than expected at start in the class H40.


A great day at Haukåsen
Sun and good weather made the event special. It was very few runners who was disqualified, but some had to use long time to get through their course.

Norwegian television and radio was on the arena today and Fjord-O were on the nine o’clock news.

The major in Sogndal, Jarle Aarvoll, had the official opening of Fjord-O. Afterward he got a proper instruction through the “Småtroll” course by Håkon Aa Albretsen (left) and Vegard Aa Albretsen (right).


Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen 2010 will be a memory for life

July in Sogn is a fantastic time. Early July this year it was marvelous weather with temperatures up against 30 degrees. Even the temperature in the Sognefjord was well above 20. The terrain where the races are going has fantastic view of surrounding mountains, valleys and of course the beautiful Sognefjorden.

Combine orienteering and an active vacation!

Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen 2010 are a unique possibility to experience it all. We give you 4 fantastic races in some of the most beautiful terrain, and in the surrounding area it’s a lot of activities that you will remember. 


  • What about a trip on the most narrow Fjord in NorwayNærøyfjorden?
  • The old railway in Flåm is one of the most beautiful railways in the world.
  • Would you like to be kayaking in some of our glacier-seas?
  • Glaciermuseum in Fjærland and Breheimsenteret in Jostedalen can teach you a lot.
  • The mountains surrounding Sogndal and Sogn are very nice for hiking.
  • Either way Sogndal is the perfect place to start your active vacation.


Please send us an
e-mail with feedback

Startlists and results:
Wednesday 14th July (day 1)
Thursday 15th July (day 2)
Saturday 17th July (day 3)
Sunday 18th (day 4)

GPS-tracking day 4



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Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen 2010