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Information – PM (pdf)


Access and parking

For Day 1 and 2 the Arena is at Upper Haukåsen, approximately 2 kilometres west of Sogndal Airport. Follow the road signs from the centre of Sogndal to the airport, approximately 20 kilometres. There is car parking by the airport and alongside the road to the airport. Ca. 30 min. walk from the parking. Shuttle bus will be available for special transport like prams etc.


For Day 3 and 4 the Arena is Hodlekve approximately 13 kilometres from the centre of Sogndal. Follow the main road nr.5 and the signs to “Førde” 11 kilometres, and then “Hodlekve” and “Fjord –O”. There is parking by the arena and alongside the road.


Parking costs 30 kroner pr. day, or 100 kroner for the four days. You buy a parking ticket when you park your car. Keep your money ready, to avoid change and waiting time.


Maps for training

We can offer four areas for training, about 20 – 30 minutes to drive from Sogndal:

·         Kleppa, Leikanger – 6 or 8 km

·         Goro, Kaupanger – 6,5 or 8 km

·         Oklevik, Hafslo – 4,6 km

·         Kaupanger skule, Kaupanger – 3,5 km


You can buy the maps at O-camp on Fosshaugane Tuesday the 13th, 19 – 21 and Wednesday the 14th 12 – 16. 50 NOK. pr. map.



There are mobile toilets at the Arena every day, no checkroom available. For day 3 and 4 there is WC in our club cabin (no studded shoes!)



You may leave your child at the Childcare Service during your race. Open from 1 hour before the first start, until 2 hours after the last start.


Troll Course” for children

"Troll-courses", is a service for the children too young to participate in the competitions. The courses are very easy and marked so that the children safely can get around the track. Start and finish at the same place. Fee: NOK 30 pr. day paid upon start. Adults are encouraged to follow their children round the course. When crossing the finish all children will get a well deserved prize.


Time Recording

Electronic timing system (EKT) will be used for all events. The system used is Emit. All participants must use the same startnumber and e-card each day. Rental e-cards will be collected after finish on the last event or is to be delivered to event office. Failure to return the rented e-cards will induce a penaltyfee of 600 NOK.


Preparations prior to start

We practice self-service at Arena for getting the startnumber. Each runner is responsible for writing e-card nr on the paper tag (one for each race at start). Rental e-cards must be picked up at the event center.


Control Descriptions

These are printed on the maps (IOF). Additional descriptions will be available at the starting gates. This is a self service provision – make sure that you take the correct description for your course.


The events

Day 1: 14. July – Haukåsen - first starting 5 p.m.

Day 2: 15. July – Haukåsen – first starting 11 a.m.

Day 3: 17. July – Hodlekve – first starting 11 a.m.

Day 4: 18. July – Hodlekve – first starting 11 a.m.


Classes and courses


Dag 1

Dag 2

Dag 3





Women’s classes

Men’s classes

Direct entry


9,3 km

10,2 km

8,5 km

5,4 km






7,5 km

8,2 km

7,1 km

4,6 km



H19-20, H35AL



5,9 km

6,9 km

6,4 km

4,0 km



H17-18, H21AK, H40



4,8 km

5,8 km

5,0 km

3,3 km


D17-18, D19-20, D35

H15-16, H45



4,4 km

4,9 km

4,6 km

3,4 km


D15-16, D21AK, D40

H35AK, H50



4,1 km

4,6 km

4,2 km

2,9 km


D45, D50, D35AK

H55, H60



3,3 km

3,3 km

3,3 km

2,4 km






3,1  km

3,6 km

3,0 km

2,4 km


D55, D60, D65, D70, D75, D80

H65, H70, H75, H80



3,0 km

3,3 km

2,9 km

2,4 km






2,4 km

2,8 km

2,3 km

2,2 km


D-10, D11-12, D13-16C

H-10, H11-12, H13-16C



2,0 km

1,9 km

1,8 km

2,0 km


D13-16N, D17N, D11-12N

H13-16N, H17N, H11-12N



2,0 km

1,6 km

1,7 km

1,3 km




·          Fleksibel start i løype 11 og 12

Direct entry and changes

Direct entry has a fee and is handled by the event centre. Changes in registration (like class, e-card etc.) costs 50 NOK.


Start and distances

Day 1:

·         Course 1-9 (start 1): 30 min. easy walk, length 2,7 km

·         Course 10-12 (start 2): 3 min easy walk, length 0,2 km


Day 2:

  • Course 1-9 (start 1): 30 min uphill walk, length 1,9 km
  • Course 10-12 (start 2): 3 min easy walk, length 0,2 km


Day 3:

  • Course 1-6 (start 1): 30 min uphill walk, length 2,0 km, elevation 250 m
  • Course 7-12 (start 2): 1 min walk, length 0,1 km


Day 4:

  • Course 1-12 (start1): 5 min walk, length 0,2 km, elevation 20 m


Start procedure

Starts are not announced. Each runner is responsible for entering the correct start gate when his start time is shown on the display at the start gates. Make sure that the number on your e-card is easily visible for checking by the starting officer.

Course lengths may vary slightly from the announced lengths.

There is a starting control for Start 1. The distance from starting position to starting control is ca 60 m for day 1, ca 100 m for day 2, ca 100 m for day 3, ca 100 m for day 4.

Place your e-card on the start control unit 5 sec. before your starting time. Start is on the long tone signal. Please give due regard to other runners when starting. (metal studded shoes).

You take your map at starting time, and you are responsible for taking the right map.

A separate starting gate will be available for ”Direct Entries” (must register at the event centre first) and ”too late to start”.


Terrain description

It is a lot of marches, watercourses and waterholes. Because of little rain so far this summer the marches have very good running ability. Watercourses and waterholes may appear dry. There are many deer or sheep tracks in the terrain, but they are not marked on the map.



Day 1 Most courses will go in the big hill south of the airport. Here you will meet a mixture of young and old pine forest, variable sight and running ability. The forest ground is smooth and firm. Some spruce field of various age.

Day 2 The upper part of the terrain will be used for day 2, this part of the terrain is more open than day 1. You will meet steep hill and firm forest ground.



The terrain has mainly good running ability. The variation between marches and birch forest is often more vague in the terrain, compared to the map.

Day 3 The longest courses (1-6) start in open mountain terrain. The terrain has partly dense vegetation of birch, but also many open marches. Some boulders of various size. Lower part of the courses passes through marches and mixed forest (birch and pine). The shortest courses (7-12) go in variable terrain. It is mandatory to pass the big river (un crossable) at the bridges.

Day 4 Mostly open marches, birch forest and some old spruce forest. The shortest courses partly follow a cross-country skiing track with posts marked on the map.


The finishing line

When crossing the finishing line you punch the e-card chip at the electronic unit placed at the line to stop the clock. You then continue to the tent where your e-card will be read. Follow the instructions at this site. Here is also a back-up reading of your e-card. You have to read your e-card on both. In case of disqualification you must deliver the paper tag.

After registration here you are free to print out a paper copy of your leg times and total time.



There will be something to drink after the finishing line every day. For the longest courses there will be one station in addition.


Break of Race

Any participant not finishing the race (DNF) must register at the finishline as for ordinary race finish for registry of e-card. Failure to do this will cause the participant not to be registered back in assembly area, thus causing search for him/her. Alternatively, the participant or Team Leader must approach the event centre for registry of e-card



If the electronic control unit shows that the competitor has checked at controls not approved for his or her course the competitor will be disqualified. If the competitor does not agree to this, it will be his or her responsibility to contact the event office for further investigation. The competitor will be asked to fill in a special complaint form, and to pay a fee of NOK 50. The fee will be refunded if the complaint leads to a decision of no disqualification. The complaint will be handled by representatives for the event management. If the competitor does not agree to the decision made by the representatives, the team leader must file a formal protest to the jury.

The jury is:


Anne Urset, BUL Tromsø

Arild Røen, Samnanger IL

Edvin Helle, Askvoll og Holmedal IL



Results will be given on the result board at the assembly area. For classes N-open and D/H-10 times will be shown, but there will be no ranking. For all other classes competitors will be ranked according to results. Complete results will be found at www.nordvestgaloppen.no and will also be found at the Arena the following race day.




Each race


12 years and younger



13-16 years

3 best each class


17 år and elder



Summary prizes
1000 points for the winner of class, minus one point every started three second after the class winner. 3 best races of 4 is calculated in summary.


Leader of committee: Kjell Kvåle, tlf +47 95259789

Race leader: Sverre Aasen, tlf +47 41454154


Fjord-O Nordvestgaloppen 2010 info@nordvestgaloppen.no