Helgetur til Bulko

News - by Jan Kocbach, 5. July 2007 2:21

(Denne teksten finnes bare på engelsk)
kartutsnitt_s.jpgThis weekend I took along my tent, my compass and the brand new preliminary version of the Bulko-map (to be used for day 3 and 4 at Nordvestgaloppen 2008) to test the map, terrain and hiking possibilities. It was a fantastic weekend - the area is really worth a visit, both for orienteering and for the nature!

Two pictures from the training at Saturday are included below - more pictures from the weekend will follow later on. Both pictures below are taken from the approximately the same place at the northern part of the map. The view for both pictures are to the south, into the map. In the lower picture (see map sample to the right), you can see large parts of the competition area for days 3 and 4.


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