Online registration is closed. Registration for Direct Entry course available right up to start.

Early registration/entry deadline: 1st March 2008
Second registration/entry deadline: 31st May 2008
Last ordinary registration/entry date: 16th July 2008
Late entry possible until the 29th July 2008 at 00:00.
Registration for Direct Entry course available right up to start.

Entry Fees

All amounts are in Norwegian kroner per race, per competitor.

Received by 1st March 31st May 16th July After 16th July
Age 16 years and younger 70 80 90 120
Age 17 years and older 120 140 160 200
Direct Entry course       80/140

Overseas/foreign competitors must pay all entry fees prior to first start. Entry fees payable to:

NVG-08 v/TIF Viking
c/o Bjørn Strømme
Lønborglien 193
N-5039 Bergen, Norway
Bank account: 3624 42 65280
Bank: Sparebanken Vest
IBAN-nr: NO8136244265280

All bank charges payable by sender.

Entry fees payable by Norwegian clubs will be charged at a later date.

Change of classes or EMIT brick numbers made after 16 July will be charged a fee of NOK 50 per person.

EMIT Electronic Punching System

The EMIT registration and time-taking system will be used in all competition classes. In the event competitors fail to supply a EMIT brick number, a rental brick will automatically be allocated. Back-up cards should be inserted onto the bottom of the EMIT brick to provide pin-punch back-up in the event of battery failure. Competitors must use the brick allocated to them for all race events. Competitors using the wrong brick will be disqualified. Lost EMIT bricks will result in a charge of NOK500.

Courses and age classes

Course Day 1 Middle Day 2 Long Day 3 Long Day 4 Middle Level Classes Women Classes Men Direct Entry
1 4,0 km 9,2 km 7,6 km 5,0 km A   M21AL  
2 3,8 km 7,5 km 6,7 km 4,5 km A   M19-20, M35AL Long
3 3,5 km 6,3 km 5,6 km 4,0 km A W21AL M17-18, M21AK, M40  
4 3,2 km 5,4 km 5,0 km 3,7 km A W17-18,W19-20 M15-16, M45  
5 3,0 km 4,7 km 4,2 km 3,6 km A W15-16, W21AK, W35, W40 M17AK, M35AK, M50  
6 2,8 km 3,8 km 3,8 km 3,0 km A W45, W50 M55, M60  
7 2,7km 3,6 km 3,3 km 2,7 km B W13-14 M13-14 Middle
8 2,4 km 2,8 km 2,8 km 2,6 km A W55, W60, W65, W70, W80 M65, M70, M75, M80  
9 2,5 km 3,0 km 3,5 km 2,4 km C W17C M17C Short
10 1,8 km 2,5 km 2,6 km 2,0 km C W-10, W11-12, W13-16C M-10, M11-12, M13-16C  
11 1,6 km 1,9 km 1,9 km 1,9 km N W11-12N, W13-16N, W17N M11-12N, M13-16N, M17N Novice
12 1,2 km 1,3 km 1,5 km 1,9 km N N-open N-open Novice