Profiles at Nordvestgaloppen: Gøril Fristad

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 25 June 2008 6:00 AM

Photo: Erik Borg

Gøril Fristad

Profile number 4 is Ingunn Fristad’s twin sister, Gøril Fristad. Gøril is back in her homecounty, and is ra board member of the orienteering federation in Sogn og Fjordane.

When was your first participation at NV-galoppen?

Since my parents are pationated to orienteering, I took part of the event from long time before I can remember. I remember i ”participated” whwn my home club Askvoll arranged the event in 1986. I ran the Small troll-course six times!

What is your best result at NV-galoppen?

I think I have won both singel distance and the total competition in most classes up to W21.

What is your best memory from NV-galoppen?

The year 2000 in Sogndal. (Where the event is going to take part in 2010). The arena was on a sæter. Demanding courses close to the high mountain in the Sogndals valley, which was really satisfying.

Why should orienteerers participate at NV-galoppen?

It is a vacation event with a relaxed atmosphere, and the nature is beatifull and full of contrastes!

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