Round Trips for active people

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 5 July 2008 6:01 AM

Norway Active

Join a roundtrip filled with excitements and activities on your day off.

STANDARD TOUR (10 years and above, bicycle skills required)

  • Starts friday at 08:30 from Voss train station
  • Train from Voss train station to Myrdal train station
  • The Flåm Railway til Berekvam
  • 11 km Mountains Biking from Berekvam to Flåm (easy trip)
  • Fjord Safari on a Fast RIB boat in Aurland and Nærøy fjords, with local guide
  • Bus up the hair-pin bends of the Stalheims road
  • Back at Voss train tasjon approximately 14:15 (6 yours)

Prices all included - adults NOK 1195, children (15 years and younger): NOK 1044

FULL PACKAGE TOUR: (minimum age 15 years)

  • All the same as the STANDARD TOUR
  • You leave the bus at Voss Rafting Center at 14:15 and eats a large BBQ
  • At 15.00 we dresses you in full rafting gear, and you get some of the worlds best rafting guides on a wet & wild white-water raft trip
  • Shoewering at apprix 18:15
  • We show you pictures from your rafting trip on a large screen
  • Back at Voss train station approximately 19:10 (10.5 yours)

Prices all included - adults NOK 1995 (minimum age 15 years)

More info and registration

More info:

Registration: either from, use code GALOPPEN, or on the Event Center within thursday 31 July at 15:00.

Participant at Nordvestgaloppen: Stein Tryti

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 5 July 2008 6:00 AM

Stein Tryti


Stein Tryti


Tønsberg og omegn (OTO)





Take part in NVG

For the 3rd time.


Take all the controls without too many mistakes.

Look most forward to

To run in quite different terrain than in my homecounty, Vestfold.

Participant at Nordvestgaloppen: Margaret Ellis

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 3 July 2008 6:00 AM

Margareth Ellis


Margaret Ellis


OK Umeå





Take part in NVG

For the 2nd time.


To have several runs in which I make no execution errors.

Look most forward to

Running the vertical swamps and enjoying the gorgeous scenery

Profiles at Nordvestgaloppen: Jørgen Rostrup

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 28 June 2008 6:00 AM

Jørgen Rostrup

Our last profile is former World Champion several times, Jørgen Rostrup from Norway. Rostrup became world champion for the first time in 1999.
Rostrup also won in 2001, 2004 and 2005. His remarkable carrier is now over, but he participated at Nordvestgaloppen in 2002, and he really loved beeing there.

When was your first participation at NV-galoppen?

I think I was 14 when I first participated. The competitions were held in the area between Molde and Kristiansund. It was actually one of my first trips outside the countys of Agder, and INCREDIBLE exiting! A totally new and unexperiated kind of terrain combinated with a competition over fire days – can it be better?

What is your best result at NV-galoppen?

- I have won both the times I participated (1992 and 2002).

What is your best memory from NV-galoppen?

- I can’t remember any spesific occasion from the events, but I associate NV-galoppen with the possibillity to run in wonderfull terrain, often with a wiew over both fjords and mountains. Your pictures at your website are marvellous!

Why should orienteerers participate at NV-galoppen?

- Because it is a unique possibillity to discover a nice piece of Norway. Both at the competition and after the race. Western part of Norway are underestimated by Norwegion orienteering runners. If I were picking up my orienteering shoes again, NV-galoppen (and Midnattsolgaloppen) would be the first races I would have entered.

Profiles at Nordvestgaloppen: Gøril Fristad

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 25 June 2008 6:00 AM

Photo: Erik Borg

Gøril Fristad

Profile number 4 is Ingunn Fristad’s twin sister, Gøril Fristad. Gøril is back in her homecounty, and is ra board member of the orienteering federation in Sogn og Fjordane.

When was your first participation at NV-galoppen?

Since my parents are pationated to orienteering, I took part of the event from long time before I can remember. I remember i ”participated” whwn my home club Askvoll arranged the event in 1986. I ran the Small troll-course six times!

What is your best result at NV-galoppen?

I think I have won both singel distance and the total competition in most classes up to W21.

What is your best memory from NV-galoppen?

The year 2000 in Sogndal. (Where the event is going to take part in 2010). The arena was on a sæter. Demanding courses close to the high mountain in the Sogndals valley, which was really satisfying.

Why should orienteerers participate at NV-galoppen?

It is a vacation event with a relaxed atmosphere, and the nature is beatifull and full of contrastes!

Profiles at Nordvestgaloppen: Gunnar Gytri

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 20 June 2008 6:00 AM

Gunnar Gytri

Profile number three is an organizer. His name is Gunnar Gytri, and works as a map advisor in the Norwegian Orienteering Federation (NOF). He lives in Førde, a small town which has often been placement for the Nordvestgaloppen. Førde arranged the national championships in long distance two years ago. Originally, Gytri is from Fana IL, one of the three clubs behind this years Nordvestgaloppen.

When was your first participation at NV-galoppen?

Race number 3, on the 23rd of July 1981.

What is your best result at NV-galoppen?

I was total winner in M40 in 1995.

What is your best memory from NV-galoppen?

The first race in 1983 was arranged by Norddalsfjord IL, a community with no more than 250 inhabittants. I came to the race by car from north, and by passing the ferryspot I saw a lot of cars. Later I heard that 750 people had passed on the ferry that day. What made the biggest impression anyway, was that the inhabitants had risen the flag to honour for Nordvestgaloppen and the participants. It was a great happening for the community. About 500 runners participated in the race that day.

Why should orienteerers participate at NV-galoppen?

Because the maps and the courses are at a high level, to explore the social part of it and to enjoy the spectaculare nature.

Rooms available in military camp

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 18 June 2008 7:27 PM

We have rooms with 8 beds for hire at Bømoen military camp. The area is close to Palmafossen school. There is orienteering map, footballpitch and sandvolleypitch at the area. Blankets, pillows and sheets is included. Shower, toilets and sauna in shared building.

Price per room per night is NOK 600.

It is also possible to rent a single bed, NOK 100 per night.

For reservation, send an e-mail to Remember to include dates for arrival and departure.


Profiles at Nordvestgaloppen: Ingunn Fristad

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 15 June 2008 7:00 AM

Ingunn Fristad

The second profile in our presentation is Ingunn Fristad. She is known as one of the Fristad twins, and she is born in Askvoll, west in Norway, and has a lot of memories from Nordvestgaloppen. She is now running from Halden SK and has represented Norway in a lot of international competitions. Besides running orienteering for Halden, she is also working as a marketing chief in the club.

When was your first participation at NV-galoppen?

I can’t even remenber, because I have been taken to that event since I was a baby. The years up to 16, I ran the event every time it was arranged. After that, I have participated when it has matched with my seasonplanning.

What is your best result at NV-galoppen?

I won W21AL in 2002.

What is your best memory from NV-galoppen?

It has to be the year when we had a large group of Finnish runners at our home. The weather was nice, lots of competitors, real western-terrain and good courses!

Why should orienteerers participate at NV-galoppen?

Because it’s amazing nature – both in the courses and amongst them. Demanding and interesting terrain, besides Voss is branding, and has a lot of athlets on high level. (Kristen Skjeldal, a former olympic champion in cross country skiing, will take part in the competition), and the place can offer many exiting activities.

For the eliterunners, the terrain is also very adequat for the upcoing World Championships in Trondheim in 2010.

Profiles at Nordvestgaloppen: Olav Lundanes

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 11 June 2008 12:09 AM

Olav Lundanes

In the following weeks we will present some Norwegian profiles, who all have a relationship to Nordvestgaloppen. They have been asked the same four questions, and number one in our presentation is the junior world champion master, Olav Lundnes. He is born in Ålesund, north west in Norway, and the area for Nordvestgaloppen. Of course he then has competed a lot of times at this event. Lundanes is first year senior this year, and is coming to this years event directly from World Championships and O-ringen. Maybe not all the days, but as he says: - I need training for the national championships in long distance.

When was your first participation at NV-galoppen?

I have at least the maps from Small troll from the year 1988. Then to of the races was arranged close to my homeplace. Normal class I first ran in the year 2000.

What is your best result at NV-galoppen?

I won in 2000 (M13-14) 2002 (M15-16) and in 2006 (M21AL)

What is your best memory from NV-galoppen?

I think it must be the last race in 2002. I ran M17 that day, and the course was 7 km, something that I felt was a vast distance on that time. It was also hot that day, and the course was really tough. I did well and I was less then 9 minutes behind the winner, which I think was Stig Alvestad. I was also faster than Jørgen Rostrup between to controls, so it was a very motivating race for me.

Why should orienteerers participate at NV-galoppen?

Because the terrain is fabolous, and a tarrein which is not so often used. It is demanding, both technically and physical, and the environments are beatyfull.

Training camp possibilities at Nordvestgaloppen

News - by Jan Kocbach, 24 April 2008 12:53 PM

We have got several request for people who are planning to use Nordvestgaloppen as part of a training camp as preparations for the Norwegian Champs in Tromsø this autumn. There will be at least three prepared trainings - and there will also be possibilities to buy other maps to make your own additional trainings. Please contact (+47 48038185) for more details.

Low cost accommodation is possible (see accommodation page).

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