Training camp possibilities at Nordvestgaloppen

News - by Jan Kocbach, 24 April 2008 12:53 PM

We have got several request for people who are planning to use Nordvestgaloppen as part of a training camp as preparations for the Norwegian Champs in Tromsø this autumn. There will be at least three prepared trainings - and there will also be possibilities to buy other maps to make your own additional trainings. Please contact (+47 48038185) for more details.

Low cost accommodation is possible (see accommodation page).

Bus transport available

News - by Frode Oldervoll, 23 April 2008 10:17 PM

There will be bus transport available between the event centre at Palmafossen school and the race arena. Fee: NOK 120,- per day (includes transport both ways). Register either during the race registration (it is still possible to change your registration even if you have already entered), or by e-mail to