Nordvestgaloppen som trening til VM 2010?

News - by Jan Kocbach, 5. December 2007 8:00

[Kun engelsk tekst for denne nyheten]
Have you set your long-time goal for your orienteering career to WOC 2010 in Trondheim? In that case, Nordvestgaloppen 2008 could be a very good step on the way! The maps around Voss are quite similar to some of the terrains which are embargoed for WOC 2010 - especially the area given as “AREA 4, JERVSKOGEN”. One of the old maps in the Jervskogen-area is Stavsjøfjellet (see in World of O Maps here) - which was used for NOC 1999 classic distance. Below you see one of the legs from NOC 1999 classic (sorry about the poor image quality) with route choices from Bjørnar Valstad (blue), Kjetil Bjørlo (red) and Steven Hale (yellow).


To compare, take a look at this map sample from day 3 and 4 from Nordvestgaloppen 2008,


or the courses from the Norwegian Veteran Champs in Routegadget which are on part of the map from day 1 and 2 (all the green is due to modern mapping style - the old map looked more like the NOC 1999 map).