Orienteering maps around Voss

News - by Jan Kocbach, 30 November 2007 8:00 AM

Below you see orienteering maps around Voss embedded from World of O maps. There will be training possibilities on some of these maps before and during Nordvestgaloppen 2008.

Gueorgiou at Nordvestgaloppen …

News - by Jan Kocbach, 28 November 2007 8:00 AM

nordvestgallopen93_s.jpg… as a part of his Scandinavian Summer Tour 1993. - An important part of my learning process, he said at the Norwegian O-Gala last weekend.

nvthierry2_s.jpgAnd as you can see from the map with his route from -93, he has done some improving since then…. At Nordvestgaloppen 1993, Gueorgiou run in the category H13-14 - and was still learning how to orienteer in Norwegian terrain. In life - and especially in orienteering - you learn from your mistakes. Thierry probably did a lot of learning at the first control this July-day of 1993.

Nordvestgaloppen 1993 had its event centre in Voss - exactly as will be the case for Nordvestgaloppen 2008. The map above with Thierry Gueorgiou’s route choice - Songvesåsen - is the neighbor map of the map which is going to be used for day 3 and day 4 of next years edition of Nordvestgaloppen. Why not try to follow in Gueorgiou’s footsteps?


Combine NV-08 with O-Ringen?

News - by Jan Kocbach, 7 November 2007 8:00 AM

Already registered for O-Ringen? Or planning to register? Why not combine O-Ringen in Sweden with Nordvestgaloppen, and make a Scandinavia-Tour of it? Voss is only 400 kilometer from Sälen, the location of O-Ringen 2008 - and there are 4 days between the last day at O-Ringen and the first day at Nordvestgaloppen. And with the fantastic mountain-nature you will pass between Voss and Sälen, there should be no problem finding something interesting to do. Or you could come to Voss a day or two before Nordvestgaloppen starts, and try one of our training packages to get familiar with the local terrain…


More terrain pictures

News - by Jan Kocbach, 4 November 2007 10:43 PM

It is time to decide where to spend next summer - and to help you decide, we have put up a few more terrain pictures here on the Nordvestgaloppen 2008-page. Above you see one of the very fast runnable marshes which are typical for the terrain of day 3 and 4. Below you see the view from the ascent to a nearby mountain to the terrain of day 3. On the bottom, you see a small river with a tiny waterfall where you could stop to drink a bit of water - of these you will find many around Voss…